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JBID is the Master Distributor for Southern Africa for a respected ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturer of quality home comfort, security products and medical supplies. We import and distribute a range of these products for the home, security, building and medical supply industries in South Africa and the adjacent SADC countries.   

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Extractor Fans

Superior quality, innovative, highly efficient, and powerful exhaust fans that are manufactured is a "state of the art" ISO9001:2008 facility. These exhaust fans can ventilate a large volume of air in a buildings interior, bathroom or kitchen very effectively.  

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Water Pumps

Water management solutions   Sinicon Water Pumps are supplied directly from the manufacturer and minimum order quantities apply. Submit the "Quotation Request" form on this page for a formal quotation.  

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Surgical Gloves

Surgical and examination gloves made from high quality natural latex rubber, anatomically shaped for comfort, lightly powdered or un-powdered. Packed in pairs, each pair in a separate medical grade sterile pouch. Every glove is individually tested to ensure the safety of patients, surgeons and medical staff.

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